Principal Software Engineer

Dallas, TX
  • influenced architectural decisions
  • provided technical guidance to engineers to set them up for success
  • lead complex technical projects such as large migrations and refactors
  • promoted technical and organizational best-practices within the engineering team
  • produced and reviewed technical design documents
  • conducted dozens of incident postmortems

I gained significant experience with the following tools and technologies:

  • Go
  • Kubernetes (GKE)
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Elasticsearch
  • OpenTelemetry
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Jenkins
  • Python
  • bash

I built the following tools:

  • a dynamic image manipulation service for terabytes of data and millions of image transformation requests (Go)
  • a pdf generation service (Go)
  • chat-ops deployment automation tooling (Go)
  • CLI tools to automate developer environments for engineers (bash/python)

Software Engineer

Plattsburgh, NY
  • I Worked remotely with the co-founders as the first employee and only software engineer during this time
  • Developed features for the launch of the initial version of the OrderMyGear platform built in PHP and symfony1
  • Handled all infrastructure, deployment, maintenance, and new feature development


Studio on the Brink,
Plattsburgh, NY

I created a small web agency to design and develop custom websites and web application for clients. I launched a dozen websites and applications including a pharmaceutical-industry job board, a classroom scheduling application, a warranty tracking application, a classic car part inventory system, and more.

Software Developer

KBS, Inc.,
Plattsburgh, NY

I developed websites and custom applications for small businesses.


BSc in Computer Science

Plattsburgh State University
Plattsburgh, NY


cryptography, board games, scotch, bitcoin